On Death

Here are paintings that deal with my obsession with death and the sublime. Some of them are directly influenced by other art forms, plays, songs, poems. Other paintings in the series are a reflection on the state of affairs in the world as they relate to my fixation.

I hope to be able to tie the past and present together by showing how the topic can take on different forms, and how that relates to human nature.


Mental is the next series of works I'm starting, that address mental health in general, and my personal experiences in living with and having mental health disorders. I hope my experiences, and the work I create from that, are able to help others who might not have anything or anyone to relate to. Shedding light on mental health with art can hopefully encourage a much needed diologue, not only about the issues themselves, but also being open enough to talk about them in the first place.


Most of these works were done alla prima, if that's your thing. For me I've found flowers to be a wonderful challenge in painting from life. They die and move as you watch them over the hours, and the full range of color expression flowers offer are like nothing else. I use them as a way to improve both my skill and appreciation of nature.

Odds and Ends

I dont really consider myself any one kind of painter. I feel the classification just leads to restrictions. I hope to be good at all of it. So when I get too much of one kind of work I'll create a category for it. Until then these are my odds and ends. Enjoy.

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Ann Arbor Michigan