I began my education in 2002, studying art, philosophy and history. Over the years I got to study with some of Chicago's finest artists: Grigor Eftimov now at Atelier Eftimov, and Matt and Magda Almy of the Ravenswood Atelier, being among some of the best. I also studied at the Palette and Chisel, and the American Academy of Art.

I did historical landmark renovation in Chicago, and have since moved to Detroit, Michigan. Freelancing as an artist, doing commission work, illustrations and showing in local galleries. I also worked as a freelance mount maker and in-painter for artifact displays in museums all over the country.


I've been a finalist in the Art Renewal Center's annual competition. Shown in the L.A. Art show through Gallery Fledermaus Chicago, and have had select works tour in Europe and Germany though Nitram Academie. I am now opening an Atelier in Detroit.  

Brian Skol