Welcome to Omni Lucid Media Games. We are a Board Game company in development of our very first game, Drekar Tactics, a viking themed ship-battle game! We will be updating our page frequently in the coming months in preparation for the release of Drekar Tactics.  

You are Thorik Tyrikson, a young chieftain who narrowly escaped with his life from an oppressive Jarl by the name of Halfdan Boson. Together with his men, Thorik seeks to build his kingdom, but first he must beat his former Jarl in order to preserve his newfound independence. With the use of a Drekar ship, Thorik sails in search for battle.

2 players

30-60 min



In this Euro style game, players battle in viking ships by commanding their small army, a selection of four historically accurate Norse warriors types. Through secret unit deployment, and drawing cards at the start of the game, players strategize their best approach to the upcoming skirmish. By moving pieces through grid and pattern movement, players destroy their opponent warrior by warrior, working their way to the Chieftain where killing him ends the war. Each unit in your army has different stats and hit points to utilize in your battle plan. Played cards add unpredictable circumstances requiring players to adapt their strategies quickly to have a chance of winning. 

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